Top Rated Home Security System

The top rated home security systems on the market today have the latest and most advanced security features imaginable.  In an age of rapidly advancing technology including smart phones, global communications and Internet of Things you can protect your family, valuable belongings and achieve peace of mind for a very low cost and with minimal set up.  Whether you choose monitored home security or prefer the do-it-yourself method there is a security system that is right for you and your home. 

top rated home security system

The days when you could simply lock your door and be pretty certain that no one would burglarize your home are gone.  It's also an unfortunate truth that every year there are over 2.5 million home intrusions reported every year in the United States alone, which works out to over 5,000 burglaries every day.  

A top rated home security system will not only help keep your home secure but you will also be protecting your loved ones.  It's estimated that about 65% of residential burglaries occurred during the day which means that a large percentage of the time they occurred at night while residents were at home sleeping. 

As you consider purchasing a security system there is no doubt you will have questions like what type of system is best for my home, how much does it cost and is it easy to install.  It will depend largely on whether you purchase a professionally monitored security system or you decide to monitor it yourself using your phone, tablet or computer.  We will discuss the different options as well as provide some advice that will save you money in the long run as well as help you secure your home properly. 

Types of Home Security Systems

There are a few types of security systems with very distinct differences in how they operate.  It really depends how much you want to spend either up front or over the term of a two or three year contract.  You should also put some thought into whether you would like a system that has cctv cameras, wireless sensors or remote capability so you can see what's going on at home from almost anywhere in the world. 

  1. Monitored vs Self-Monitored Systems
  2. Professional vs Do-It-Yourself Installations
  3. Cameras vs Sensor Technology

1.  Monitored vs Self-Monitored Security Systems

A monitored home security system is ideal for home owners that want the peace of mind knowing that a trusted and reputable company is monitoring their home 24/7.  If anything out of the ordinary is detected the proper authorities will be alerted right away including the home owner.  There is a monthly fee that is generally based on a multi-year contract depending on the company. 

A self-monitored alarm system is ideal if you are on a budget or you are a handy person that prefers the DIY method.  You can set up your own wireless home security kit that can be viewed or monitored through your own personal device.  In the event of an emergency you will need to notify the authorities yourself or set the system up to ring a pre-designated number or numbers.  There is no monthly fee and you won't be tied down to any lengthy contracts. 

2.  Professional vs Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Installation

Some security monitoring companies will let the home owner choose between professional and DIY installation while some companies will on offer one or the other.  You may be mailed a system and asked to install it on your own and for most wireless systems this can be done in as little as 20-30 minutes by a handy home owner.  

If you have the system professionally installed you can be sure of the quality in addition to knowing that if anything goes wrong you can contact the company that completed the installation.  It can be very difficult to install a wired system in a pre-existing home and a professional may be the only option.

It's also important to consider if you will be moving over the next few years you should consider a wireless home security kit that is easy to move when you do.  In some cases there are companies that will move your equipment and service for free if you've been a customer for a certain amount of time. 

3.  Cameras vs Sensors

Most of the top rated home security systems don't offer security cameras as part of their monitored systems and the reason is they can make a system a bit more complicated.  It takes home security to the next level with other added benefits for the home owner.  They can be used to not only catch a trespasser in your yard but they can be used indoors to keep an eye on children, the babysitter or pets. 

There are a number of home security cctv systems available on the market but you will find that most of them are DIY systems that are set up by home owners and monitored using a portable device or computer.  It can be very assuring being able to watch what is happening at your home while you are at work or on vacation many miles away from home. 

The sensors included in some of the top rated home security systems are truly state of the art and the latest in sensory technology.  They will be able to sense everything from very minor movements to glass breaking on a door or window instantly.  This technology is available in both wired and wireless devices and help make up the amazing packages that are offered by some of the best security companies in the world. 

Top Rated Home Security System (Monitored)

If you are looking for a professionally monitored alarm system backed by the leading security specialists in North America we recommend the ADT Home Security System.  The full service systems comes with everything you need including digital touchpad, wireless keychain remotes and sensors, passive infrared technology (PIR) and even lawn signs and stickers to warn intruders.  

We've researched the top rated home security systems based on service quality, equipment price and performance, features and overall value and this system is the absolute best on the market today if you are looking for a low maintenance option for securing your home. 

ADT Home Security Pulse

adt home security system

In addition to all of the features that ADT provides is a new system that brings the world of wireless communications and home security together.  It allows an ADT-monitored system to be controlled remotely from just about anywhere in the world whether you're at work, travel or play.  You will always know what is going on in your home no matter where you are or what you're doing. 

There are many features that a professionally installed and monitored system brings to your home.  Imagine the peace of mind knowing your system was installed by a professional from one of their 150 installation centers with years of experience in the home security industry.  You will feel a sense of security knowing that your home is secure and in the event of a fire or break-in and as a bonus you may save on home insurance with a professionally monitored top rated home security system. 

Top Rated Home Security System (DIY)

In determining the best diy home security system we took a look at price, features, performance and ease of installation.  If you have all of the qualities of a great system but it's complicated to install you will undoubtably get systems that aren't installed correctly and you may be putting your home and family at unnecessary risk. 

fortress wireless security alarm

We found that Fortress manufactured a quality unit for a very affordable price.  It had everything you would want in a top rated home security system including easy-to-use control panel, door and window sensors, passive detectors, loud 110 dB alarm and auto dealer that can call up to 6 designated phone numbers.  The system comes with two key fobs to activate and deactivate the alarm including a panic alarm. 

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