Table Edge Guard

A table edge guard is known by many names like; corner cushion, edge padding and edge corner guard.  It's fitting because there are a lot of options out there for parents trying to protect their children from bumps and bruises.  It's amazing how many sharp edges there are around your home if you take time to have a close look.  It's quick and easy to install edge guards before an accident happens and we'll help you decide what's best for you and your baby. 

There are thousands of reported injuries every year from babies and children falling onto sharp edged of tables, dressers, bed frames and hearths around the home.  Taking a pro active approach to baby safety is always recommended but quite often parents don't consider it until after an accident occurs. 

With the seemingly endless options online for corner cushions and edge guards it can get overwhelming but if you know what to look for going in, it can be a lot easier.  The other benefit of the huge variety is that you can find exactly what you need based on size, color and where you are using them in your home. 

Whether you are installing a table edge guard temporarily for visiting children or you are looking for a permanent solution for several years we'll discuss the differences.  As always, we will provide our expert recommendations based on performance, quality and most importantly, feedback from parents. 

Table Edge Guard Features

A table edge guard is designed to be applied to edges and corners of furniture that are hard or sharp and could cause injury to a baby or child.  They are part of a complete baby proofing plan and like other products, they are affordable and worth every penny even if they prevent only one accident. 

So what do you look for when purchasing edge cushioning?  We'll go through what you need to know before you venture out to make your decision. 

Variety of Colors

There's nothing worse than not being able to find the right color when buying pretty much anything.  The good news is that you will probably be able to find exactly what you are looking for to match your furniture, or very close to it. 

Edge Guard Colors

If you plan on using a table edge guard for numerous years this becomes even more important.  Ideally you want a color that matches your furniture so you, and your baby, notice it as little as possible.  Unfortunately with all the baby proofing products available for your home it can seem a bit overwhelming and the last thing you want is your house to look like a jail or penitentiary.

Whether you have white, black, cherry or any variety of wood finishes take time to find something that matches.  It will look better and more importantly it will be less likely to look like a chew toy for your baby. 

Soft or Hard Padding

This is a little bit tricky as a baby proofing expert but it's worth mentioning not only because you'll probably run across it while shopping for a table edge guard but because it can present a choking hazard for your little one.  

Every polymer, rubber, or elastomer is rated for density using the Shore Durometer Scale.  If you would like more technical information you can follow the link provided but we'll tell you what you need to know and how it relates to your baby's safety.  

The softer the material the more likely it is that your baby will be able to chew little pieces off.  It might sound crazy but it happens and the last thing you want to do is prevent bumps and bruises and also create a choking hazard. The industry Shore Durometer standard is 10 - 15 but we recommend you look for a rating of 20 - 30.  This will help prevent your baby from chewing pieces off and also provides adequate cushioning in the event of a bump or fall.  

It is important to watch for biting and if it continues you may need to consider removing the table edge guard completely. 

With the latest studies on material toxicity it's important to look for pure products.  Most manufacturers will state if they use BPA's, phthalates, heavy metals, latex or other toxic materials.  Flame resistant chemicals were added to products for years and now that the hazards are publicly known it's important to stay away from these ingredients. 

Adhesive Strength

A concern for most parents is whether the cushion is going to leave a mark or residue on the furniture when it is removed.  It's a valid concern because no one wants to damage expensive furniture if it can be prevented. 

3M Double-Sided Tape

There is no simple answer other than to read the manufacturers product description for what kind of adhesive they use.  The constant struggle for companies is to create a tape that will stay "stuck" but not so much that it ruins finishes when it's removed. 

The industry standard is to use 3M double-sided tape and it shouldn't ruin the finish of furniture if it's in good condition and doesn't have any integrity issues.  It defeats the purpose and it can be very annoying if the tape keeps coming loose, so you want to look for something that will hold for a long time.

If you are a grandparent or only plan on using a table edge guard temporarily we recommend using removable tape or sticky pads that have less adhesion.

Table Edge Guard Recommendations

There are 3 main categories of table edge guard but you can always use your creativity to find a solution for your own home.  We will provide our top recommendations for each but they can be used for other applications depending on the length and size required. 

  1. Edge Guard
  2. Corner Guard
  3. Edge and Corner Guard Combination
  4. Hearth Cushion

1.  Elf Star Extra Thick Premium High Density Foam Bumper Guard

The Elf Star Edge Guard is our top choice because it offers a variety of colors to choose from and passes our safety tests. If you are looking for a table edge guard that works on both edges and corners this is a great choice. 

The materials are safe for babies and furniture friendly.  3M double sided tape is included so you can be sure it stays on while not damaging furniture. 

2.  KingLake Corner Guards

The KingLake Corner Guards are extra dense and non-toxic.  They make our list because they are made with quality and have everything you want in protection for your child. 

They are available in white, black and coffee so you can match your furniture as close as possible.  Double-sided tape is included that should be held for 30 seconds when installing.  They can be removed and should not damage furniture finish. 

3.  Bebe Earth Edge and Corner Guard Combination

The Bebe Earth Edge and Corner Guard combination package is an excellent option for baby proofing the corners and edges on the same table, keeping the color consistent. 

The corners are pre-taped with double sided tape that won't damage your furniture when removed.  The materials are tested to be certified safe without the use of toxic chemicals like BPAs or phthalates. Available in black, coffee brown and oyster white. 

4.  Kidkusion Hearth Pad Cushion

The Kidkusion Hearth Pad makes our top picks list because it is made specifically for the hard surface often found in front of fireplaces and has the added benefit of making it more comfortable for parents as well.   It's dimension are 90" x 14" x 3" thick and does allow for some customization if you are comfortable cutting it to size yourself.  

You might want to consider using table edge guard on your hearth if the dimensions don't work for you.  It's available in brown and taupe.

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