Playpen for Babies

A playpen for babies is something that you often hear parents say they couldn't live without.  It's really nice to be able to give your baby some space and allows mom to get some much needed time to herself.  

playpen for babies

A playpen designed for babies is generally smaller in size and can be used just about anywhere whether its in the bedroom, living room, outdoors or for travel.  Their lightweight and compact design allows for easy portability and often can be folded into a handy carrying case. 

A playpen which can also be referred to as a playard or the larger version often used outdoors called a superyard.   As your baby grows and spends more time outdoors these larger options are ideal for keeping baby safe while enjoying the outdoors before they are able to walk. 

We'll talk about larger playards and super yards below including some important safety features so be sure to continue reading. 

Playpen Accessories

A playpen for babies is a lot safer than the alternative of leaving baby on the couch or on the floor where they can very quickly venture off in the blink of an eye.  This alone makes them a great choice for parents of newborns and with the added accessories available with some models they truly are a must have for busy parents.  

Napper and Changing Station

A portable napper and changing station are a relatively new addition to the world of baby playpens.  This interchangeable option is a life saver when you  need a quick change on the fly.  The changer can be turned into a napper when baby decides to have a nap with the added benefit of being able to remove it for the ultimate in portability and convenience. 

playpen changer

Rocking Seat or Bassinet 

A playpen for babies wouldn't be complete without a very handy rocking seat or bassinet accessory.  All babies love their naps and the soothing motion of a rocking chair just makes nap time that much better.  You have the option of putting baby down for a nap that fits snugly into the playpen or using it separately when you want to move baby and keep them close. 

playpen rocker

Large Playpen for Babies (Playard or Superyard)

A playard and superyard are great to transition into as baby gets older and needs a bit more room and even allows multiple children to play in a safe enclosed area.  Ideal for just about anywhere whether its in the living room, rec room or outside on the lawn. 

A playard should be made of sturdy, high-quality materials so it can stand up to adventurous children.  Since they are designed to be freestanding and not attached to the wall or floor they need to resist falling down which could harm your child. 

A superyard should be sturdy yet lightweight so it's not overly cumbersome to move around.  One of the benefits is that they are portable and if it's too heavy to move it would defeat the purpose.  Look for a set up that can be folded down and as an added bonus some come with a handy carrying case or bag. 


Play Yard Gate

Another feature to look for are additional panels that allow for extending the size of the play area including a play yard gate.  A larger area to play will mean that your child is happier and will have lots of room for toys, games and other children to play with all within the confines of a safe gated area. 

A gate that is self closing and more importantly is capable of locking for added safety and security is ideal.  A gate will allow children to exit the play area without the need to pick them up which can be hard on parents backs and cause injury. 

Another accessory you might want to consider in addition to a playpen for babies is a floor mat or tiles.  There are a lot of bright and fun colors to choose from when looking at tiles that are non-toxic, waterproof and will add some fun to any play area. 

play yard gate
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