Multi Room Baby Monitors

Multi room baby monitors are an excellent way to keep an eye on your loved ones in multiple rooms at the same time.   A streaming video of your children sleeping or playing in up to 4 rooms at once is both practical and provides added safety and peace of mind. 

The technology available in monitors and portable wireless devices allows for constant supervision of children in multiple rooms simultaneously so you don't have to worry when life is keeping you busy elsewhere in your home.

There is no substitute for direct adult supervision but for times when your children are sleeping you can be sure they are sleeping soundly while you get other things done, and any parent can attest to how precious time is with a newborn baby!

It can be a bit confusing when deciding on the purchase of multi room baby monitors but we are here to help.  We will discuss some features that are important to look for as well as provide our top picks of what we feel are the best video monitors based on quality, features and customer reviews. 

Split Screen Multi Room Baby Monitors

A multi camera set up is necessary for monitoring multiple rooms simultaneously and the good news is that there are devices capable of syncing up to 4 cameras to one parent unit. 

The video is either displayed in a rotating timer (usually every 10 seconds) if there is only one display screen available or all of them at the same time on a split screen monitor.  A split screen allows for uninterrupted viewing of each camera providing constant supervision.  

If you decide to start with a single camera monitor and upgrade to more cameras down the road you will be limited to alternating video streaming so if you plan on needing separate cameras it's a good idea to look for split screen capability. 

What to Look for in a Multi Camera Monitor

If you plan on needing multiple cameras you should consider a unit that is capable of syncing additional video units so .  We've put together a list of features we feel are important and beneficial to providing quality monitoring and the highest level of safety. 

  • Additional camera capability
  • Large LCD monitor with split screen 
  • Digital video for privacy and security
  • Night vision
  • Two way talk
  • Up to 500 ft range
  • Pan/tilt/zoom camera 
  • Low power and out of range alerts

All of these features might not be important for your specific requirements or needs. It is a good idea to keep them in mind as they are incredibly handy and make things a lot easier while also providing added safety. 

Top Rated Multi Room Baby Monitors

We've put together a list of top rated multi room baby monitors based on customer reviews, features and overall quality.  The best critic of any product is the end-user because it's people like you that use these products every day in a variety of unique situations.  

1.  Summer Infant Dual View

The Summer Infant Dual View Digital Color Monitor boasts split screen technology that's displayed on a 3.5 inch high resolution LCD handheld monitor.  The two-way audio allows for communication with your child and a two pan, scan and multi-level zoom camera is available for when your baby or child is sleeping.  The sound activated LED lights round out the long list of features on this top rated product. 

2.  Motorola MBP 43(2)

The Motorola MBP 43(2) features incredible video quality, constant room temperature display, automatic IR night vision and 5 lullabies to sooth baby to sleep.  The video display monitor is 3.5 inches in full color and streamed in 2.4Ghz FHSS for maximum security and a range of to 590 feet.  This system features a microphone, out of range alert, low battery alert and volume control for complete personalization.  

3.  Infant Optics DXR-8

The Infant Optics DXR-8 makes our top 3 list for it's overall quality and state of the art lens capabilities. This unit comes standard with one camera but is capable of up to 4 cameras that can be displayed simultaneously on the large 3.5 inch LCD display.  The handy 10 hour battery life comes with a power-saving mode that will ensure you will have uninterrupted video viewing of your loved one.  

If you need to supervise more than one child in multiple rooms you can't go wrong with multi room baby monitors for their added security, peace of mind and overall benefits in todays busy lifestyles. 

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