Car Baby Monitor

A car baby monitor will add convenience, peace of mind, safety and possibly a little more enjoyment during those long trips with your loved ones.  Imagine being able to see your baby in their car seat while driving without having to turn around at every red light.

car baby monitor

As your baby gets older you will spend more and more time in the vehicle whether it's driving to the supermarket, shopping mall or to visit friends and family.  If your baby is newborn and in a rear-facing car seat it makes it very difficult to see if your baby is sleeping, playing or content. 

A baby car mirror is a great affordable option and can be strategically placed on the headrest or seat back so you can see your baby by turning around.  The downside is that they can shift during travel, can be difficult to see clearly and require turning around to be able to see. 

A digital video car baby monitor is a relatively new product on the marketplace and really brings home baby monitor technology to your car.  The video camera is strapped to the headrest or adjacent window and constantly sends video of your baby to a display monitor that sits on your dashboard.  They are hands free, easy to install and are a great choice for parents that want to keep a constant eye on their loved ones. 

There are a few products we recommend based on quality, safety, convenience and customer feedback.  We'll go over each product will some advice and tips for installation and proper use so be sure to continue reading. 

Car Baby Monitor Options

The increased safety that a car baby monitor provides make them a serious consideration for parents.  If you spend extended periods of time travelling it becomes even more important to ensure your baby is content.

A video monitor will provide instant streaming feedback and even comes with night vision so you can see if your baby is sleeping when it's dark and you don't want to turn the lights on.  We'll also talk about an App that comes with a sensor that detects the temperature in your baby's car seat and sounds an alarm if you forget your baby in the vehicle. 

  1. Yada Tiny Traveler Digital Wireless Baby Monitor
  2. Infanttech Automobile Baby Monitor
  3. Driver's Little Helper

1.  Yada Tiny Traveler Digital Wireless Baby Monitor

The Yada Tiny Traveler Baby Monitor comes in a few different bundles and vary in price significantly.  The basic package includes a video camera and monitor and the deluxe packages feature upgrades to the monitor size and quality. 

yada tiny traveler baby monitor

What you get with all packages is a reliable car baby monitor with a color display and streaming video.  The night vision technology allows for viewing in the dark from the video camera with either a 45 degree or 90 degree viewing angle - depending on the bundle. 

This product is designed specifically for use in motor vehicles and is powered through your typical outlets.  We recommend using a 2-socket cigarette lighter adapter so you are never left without power for those long trips.  The display is wireless and uses rechargeable batteries but they can run out with prolonged use. 

The Yada car baby monitor is easy to install and comes with detailed instructions if they are required.  You simply strap the video camera to the seat head rest or adjacent window and run the power cable to a power source. The monitor is wireless and can be displayed anywhere that is convenient either on the windshield in a safe place or on the dash. 

2.  Infanttech Automobile Baby Monitor

The Infanttech Video and Audio Baby Monitor is designed for use just about anywhere including your car and home.  It's versatility and discreetness make it a great idea for keeping an eye on your baby while in the back seat, especially when seeing your baby in a rear-facing car seat can be very difficult.  

infanttech car monitor

The monitor is available in either 3.5" or 4.3" and the larger monitor comes with a split-screen feature that can be found with most multi-room monitors.  It allows for viewing of multiple cameras simultaneously if you have more than one child, twins or friends and relatives. 

The camera features night vision technology for uninterrupted night time viewing.  It's perfect for seeing that is your baby is asleep without needing to turn the lights on and disturbing their sleep.  The monitor is 100% wireless and last up to 3 - 4 hours on a single charge.  This allows for installation almost anywhere in your vehicle without the hassle of cords getting in the way. 

The main difference from the Yada unit is that the Infanttech unit is disguised in a stuffed animal and available as a giraffe, monkey or puppy.  This option may not be ideal for everyone but if you want to add a bit of fun to your cary baby monitor this would do the trick. 

3.  Driver's Little Helper

The Driver's Little Helper Sensor Monitor and App for car seats is a brand new product designed by an engineer at Ford Motor Company.  The car seat monitor is revolutionary because nothing like this exists and the benefits make it worth some serious consideration. 

A car baby monitor will keep a visual eye on your baby or child at all times through video technology.  Instead of using video technology, the Driver's Little Helper uses a sensor pad that is placed directly under the car seat's fabric.  The pad senses motion so you know if your baby or child gets out of the seat and will also sound an alarm if you stop and forget your baby in the vehicle.

driver's little helper

In addition to monitoring movement of your baby, the sensor will relay the temperature of the car seat with a 15 second delay.  This is very useful in extremely cold or hot climates where your baby can get uncomfortably hot or cold to the point where it can become a real threat to your baby's safety. 

The sensor and power pack are easy to install by simply sliding under the car seats fabric and attaching the power pack to the back of the seat or seatbelt.  The product comes with detailed instructions if you need further assistance.  

This product does require the app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or from the company's website.  Once the product is installed you just need to sync it with the app and you can start receiving updates and alerts so you can have some valuable peace of mind and confidence with your car baby monitor. 

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