Baby Proofing Service

A baby proofing service is a concept that most home owners with children simply aren't aware of but for some parents it may be the perfect solution that will save both time and money.  If you have a toddler or young children you will appreciate the value of time and if keeping your child safe is important, you may be the perfect candidate for this affordable and valuable service.  

baby proofing service

The list of injuries that can occur in the home is endless and unfortunately they often aren't given much thought until after an accident occurs.  The truth is that almost all accidents involving children can be prevented with a bit of education and forethought.  

The benefits of a baby proofing service includes helping parents prevent potentially fatal accidents including; falls, burns, poisoning and drowning.  All of the preventable injuries that a baby or toddler are at risk for around your home will be addressed in a clear and timely manner followed by industry leading product recommendations and professional installation if desired. 

If you are a new parent it's likely that every day it seems like there is something new to be learned or a new product claiming to be the next best thing since sliced bread.  A professional baby safety product advisor will take the guesswork out of what is necessary and what is simply a waste of money.  You will increase the overall safety of your home for less money, less damage to your existing walls and cupboards and experience peace of mind that any parent can appreciate. 

What is a Baby Proofing Service?

A certified professional child proofer consultation will include a complete walk-through of your home to identify potentially dangerous areas for your child.  The baby proofing expert will provide suggestions and solutions that will be very easy to do and cost nothing or require purchasing and installing a safety product.  An itemized and easy to understand list will be presented with a breakdown of costs for installing each individual item so you can choose whether you would like to install specific products yourself or have them professionally installed for a fee. 

The goal of any baby proofing service professional is to locate and remedy hidden hazards followed by installing or providing recommendations for the absolute best baby proofing products for your home.  The products will be specifically chosen based on your unique requirements and guaranteed to be durable, functional and safe.  

You can expect to receive your consultation and have your home completely baby proofed the same day but there may be exceptions if you have a large home or require extensive alterations.  The areas that will be assessed include but aren't limited to; kitchen, bedroom or nursery, bathroom, living room, hallways, stairs, laundry room, garage and backyard and swimming pool.

What does a professional child proofer do exactly?

  • We mount gates of almost any size and color that fit your homes unique layout with very minimal damage to walls and banisters.
  • We install cupboard locks and drawer latches that will be invisible, easy to use and won't damage your your cupboards.
  • We ensure that electrical outlets and power bars are made safe while still maintaining functionality in your home.
  • We provide product recommendations based on years of experience in the child safety business.
  • We explain everything we do and provide a warranty on labour.
  • We give parents priceless peace of mind knowing that their home is as safe as it possibly can be. 

How much does a Baby Proofing Service cost?

The cost to identify hazards and have safe and proven products professionally installed in your home is a lot less than you might think.  The average home safety assessment will cost $75 - $100.  The cost for labour required to install the products will range between $100 - $300 plus the cost of materials and you will always get an estimate before any work is done. 

A nice option is to have some products installed professionally and install others yourself.  This is handy if you don't feel comfortable installing a complicated baby gate or if you feel confident and would like to save money if you are on a budget.  It's important to keep in mind that you may spend more money in the long run if you end up damaging a banister or cupboard yourself during the installation process.  

In addition to the peace of mind of professionally installed baby proofing devices you can count on product warranties and guaranteed installation and workmanship in the event that anything isn't functioning properly.  

Why should I use a Professional Child Proofing Service?

Ensuring the safety of your children is arguably the most important task you will be faced with in your life and since you will spend countless hours at home it goes without saying that creating a safe home is very important.  A baby proofing service will help you avoid the frustration and unease many parents experience when baby proofing their home for the first time. 

professional child proofing service

We have all been to a department store and when asking a question about a particular product we are left feeling disappointed with their lack of knowledge.  In the case of a baby proofing products you just can't be happy with that kind of answer.  It can be extremely aggravating and time consuming trying to install a product that doesn't fit or isn't designed for your specific application which can ultimately be very unsafe, defeating the purpose of the product in the first place. 

Why do home owners hire a Baby Proofing Service?

  • I just don't know where to start when looking for hidden hazards in my home.
  • I didn't know what to look for when shopping for quality safety products in the store.
  • I don't have time to install the products with my already busy schedule.
  • I'm not very handy when it comes to installing things.
  • I've tried a few products already and they aren't working.
  • I don't want to damage the walls, cupboards or put holes in my banister.
  • I felt confident knowing the companys' employees were Certified Professional Childproofers.

In addition to all of the benefits mentioned above you will be given priceless advice from an industry expert that has worked with baby safety devices and knows all about them.  You can expect to be educated about hazardous products, which areas to lock, how to establish safety rules and overall emergency preparedness including; CPR or first aid, emergency kits and emergency numbers. 

We hope this guide about baby proofing service was helpful and remember that there is no substitute for direct adult supervision and you should never leave a child unsupervised even with a baby proofed home. 

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