Baby Proofing Products

Baby proofing products will help keep your home safe once your baby becomes mobile and begins exploring their new surroundings.  As your baby begins crawling there isn't anywhere they won't go adventuring and while a baby's curiosity is a beautiful thing, it can be dangerous and lead to injury or worse. 

It's human nature to overlook safety until an accident occurs because parents either think it won't happen to their child or the hassle of installing safety devices doesn't seem worth it.  If you want to be proactive and help ensure your child grows up in a safe environment when they are most vulnerable we can help.  If you find you don't have time or you would like the peace of mind knowing your home is safe you may want to consider hiring a baby proofing service

The good news is there are a lot of amazing devices that are easy to install, affordable and most importantly, they work.  There are many articles and lists available online that highlight some of the baby proofing products available on the market but are often missing some very important ones.  We've put together a complete list organized by the rooms found in your home so you can decide which ones apply to your unique house or living space. 

15 Best Baby Proofing Products 

The best way to baby proof your home is to go through every room and identify potential hazards.  Of course it's best to do this before your little one begins crawling, which you can expect at as early as 8 months of age.  

We recommend printing off our baby proofing checklist and making notes as you read through each area of your home and the products available.  It's important to note that some products should be used in multiple areas of your home while others won't apply to you. 

  1. Kitchen
  2. Living Areas
  3. Bedroom

Kitchen Baby Proofing Products

The kitchen is arguably the most dangerous area of your home with numerous potentially dangerous and hazardous items that can be kept locked safety away with various baby proofing products.  The stove area can lead to burns from direct contact or falling pots and pans.  Kitchen drawers and cupboards often contain cleaning products, medications, and sharp items. 

1.  Cupboard and Drawer Locks

Keep sharp knives, cleaning products, medications and other poisonous products up out of reach or locked securely with cupboard and drawer locks.  Magnetic locks that are virtually undetectable and multi-use latches make it easier and less intrusive to baby proof your kitchen than ever before. 

2.  Stove Knob Covers 

The stove area is very dangerous for baby's because of hot surfaces and the potential to be scalded by hot liquids and oils.  A pot or pan handle can be easily grabbed resulting in serious burns and other serious injuries.  A knob cover will prevent baby from accidentally turning on the stove which could lead to a deadly fire. 

stove cover guards

3.  Appliance Latches

Multi-use appliance latches are great for locking appliances in the kitchen like the fridge, oven door or microwave.  The easy to use latches will keep your baby out of these potentially dangerous appliances.  The added benefit is that you can avoid messes and the headache of cleaning up after a curious baby has turned the fridge into a play area. 

appliance latches

Living Area Baby Proofing Products

There are numerous baby proofing products available to ensure that the living room and other common areas of your home are as safe as possible for your loved ones.  In some cases it may be as simple as moving furniture or removing potentially harmful accessories until your baby is older.  

4.  Baby Safety Gates

A baby safety gate is the most common device parents use and they have been around for decades.  A gate will keep your baby out of dangerous areas of your home including stairways, kitchens and laundry rooms.  There is a size of gate made for just about any application so you can be sure to find something that gets the job done. 

5.  Playpens and Playards

A playpen is a great way to keep your baby confined comfortably and safely for short periods of time.  As your baby gets older a larger playard is a great option that provides more room to play while still being safely confined to a safe area within your home.  There are many options available depending on the size and features you are looking for. 

6.  Fireplace Gates 

A fireplace gate will help prevent your baby from burning themselves on hot surfaces found around the fireplace.  An electric fireplace poses the same risks as a wood burning or other fuel burning fireplace.  It's a good idea to limit using your fireplace when young children are present but a good gate will help keep children safe when it does get used. 

fireplace gatesFireplace Gates

7.  Door Locks

There are an assortment of door locks available for both interior and exterior doors.  They are great for keeping babies and young children out of rooms that present specific dangers.  The laundry room, bathroom and doors that lead outside or to the garage can be easily kept out of bounds with the handy devices available on the market today. 

door locksDoor Locks

8.  Window Locks

Just about every room in your home has windows but attention should be paid to windows that your baby or child could have access to.  A great preventative measure is to move furniture so it can't be used to access a window.  A child can slip through an opening as small as 5 inches and could result in serious injury or worse. 

9.  Edge and Corner Guards

Table edges are hard and often have sharp angles that can cause injuries to small children.  A common injury among small children are cuts and abrasions from sharp table edges.  Since tables are often at a level where babies can get injures it's a good idea to add cushioning wherever possible to prevent minor injuries. 

10.  Outlet Covers and Plugs

As far as baby proofing products go this is the easiest and most effective way to make your home safer for your children.  An outlet cover will prevent your baby from inserting anything into the outlet which could cause electrocution or burns from electric shock.  Covers are designed to allow adults easy use while keeping children safe. 

11.  Furniture Straps

Anti-tip furniture straps are a relatively new addition to the baby proofing products world.  With the growing popularity of big screen TV's there is an increasing incidence of injuries of babies and small children being trapped or seriously harmed by the weight of televisions or other heavy furniture.  Tall dressers, changing tables and other furniture should be strapped securely to prevent accidents. 

furniture strapsFurniture Straps

12.  Finger Pinch Guards

Finger pinch guards are handy little devices that are easy to install and come in a variety of fun shapes and colors.  A baby's little fingers can easily become caught or pinched in the small crack in doorways and can easily be prevented with these handy little inserts.  They are ideal for self-closing doors or on children's bedroom doors that get used often. 

pinch guards

13.  Banister Guards

A balcony or banister guard is recommended if the slat spacing is larger than four inches.  A baby or child's head can get stuck and in some cases a baby can slip through and fall through the railing.  If you have a second story balcony or banister this device will help prevent accidentally injury or falls. They are available in mesh and a variety of poly materials depending on personal preference. 

banister guards

Bedroom Baby Proofing Products

Your baby will spend a lot of time in their bedroom and most of that time will be sleeping in a crib.  Your baby will be sleeping without direct supervision and that is where audio and video monitors come in really handy to keep an eye or an ear on your loved one at all times.   

14.  Baby First Aid Kits

A nursery care kit or baby first aid kit is essential for newborns and comes with everything you need for at home and while travelling.  The handy package usually includes items for grooming and daily care.  In addition it includes devices for administering medication to a sick baby.  A must have for parents that want the best in care for their children and ideal for emergencies.  

nursery care kit

15.  Baby Night Lights

A night light is a product that often gets overlooked and is a great addition to your baby proofing products repertoire.  It will provide comforting light at nighttime as well as increase the safety of your home.  When you are tending to your baby in the nighttime hours you will be able to see and avoid any accidents that could harm you or your child. 

night light for babies

We hope this list of all the baby proofing products available for your home was helpful and provides years of safe and enjoyable years with your new addition.  We always like to hear from parents like you so be sure to contact us if you have any comments or questions about products to keep your new family members safe.  Please remember there is no product that is a substitute for diligent supervision. 

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