Baby Car Safety Signs

Baby car safety signs aren't for everyone and we'll explain the advantages and disadvantages so you can make an informed decision about these somewhat controversial products.  

There is no doubt that a highly visible baby on board sign will notify other drivers that you have precious cargo in your vehicle.  In most cases you can expect other drivers to respect that fact and hopefully they drive less aggressive around you and give you more time or room.  One of the downsides is that a sign can become a dangerous flying object in the event of a collision unless it is attached and located properly. 

baby car safety signs

If you just started looking at purchasing a sign to place on your vehicle to notify other drivers of your precious passengers, you probably had no idea that a sign could be so complicated.  Like it or not, everything that revolves around motor vehicles has an increased responsibility and accountability and baby car safety signs are no different. 

A sign needs to be placed in accordance with your local or federal driving regulations and that includes being located on your window where it won't impede or obstruct your view of the road or other pedestrians and vehicles.  A safe place and what is recommended is that you place it on the lower left corner of your back window or if you have a magnetic sign, you can place it on the back of your vehicle. 

If you're confused or thinking that it's too much of a hassle we apologize.  It really isn't that complicated and we're going to explain how to use signs properly, where to place them as well as some other helpful advice so your sign lasts more than two months. 

Pros and Cons of Baby Car Safety Signs

You are most likely considering purchasing a baby on board sign because you are a new parent and you want other drivers to respect that you have a fragile human in your vehicle.  In a perfect world, you wouldn't need to alert other drives of this because they would respect you regardless of your cargo. 

The reality is that baby car safety signs do have some distinct advantages but they also come with some down sides that are worth considering and addressing. 

Advantages of baby car safety signs:

  • Alert emergency personnel (EMS, Police, Fire) that a baby or child is on board in the event of an emergency
  • Reduce tailgaters and aggressive drivers
  • Other drivers will allow you more time to accelerate at intersections and avoid honking
  • Notify's other drivers that there is precious cargo in your vehicle

Disadvantages of baby care safety sings:

  • If the sign isn't fastened securely it can become a hazardous flying object that could cause injury in the event of a collision
  • It can obstruct the drivers view if place improperly
  • In some instances it can cause other drivers to drive more aggressively 

This list is of course not going to apply to everyone because you simply can't predict the actions of other drivers.  It's always important to drive with caution and be ready defensively especially when you have precious cargo on board. 

Tips and Advice

We've put together a list that will not only help ensure that your sign is used safely and properly but it will also help you enjoy the sign longer.  It's important to always follow the manufacturers instructions as they can vary from product to product. 

  1. Place the sign on the bottom, left of your back window and ensure it is not obstructing your view in any way.
  2. Remove the sign if your baby is not in the vehicle so that emergency crews are not mislead in the event of an emergency.
  3. Clean the window and suction device before adhering to the vehicle window to allow for the best possible seal and suction. 
  4. Avoid defrost wires as this will prevent a proper seal.
  5. Always be patient and allow more time to get to your destination whenever possible.
  6. Don't let the sign sit in the sun for extended periods of time as this will cause it to fade, break or become dislodged. 

Baby Car Safety Signs Options

There are a few different options that are worth considering including a variety of colors, messages and fastening mechanisms including magnetic placards. 

Ohrart Baby On Board Sign

The Ohrart Baby on Board sign is our top pick because it features two suction cups for a longer lasting seal.  It's important to remember to clean your window and suction cups before placing on your window. 

ohrart baby on board sign

Safety 1st Baby on Board Sign

The Safety 1st Baby on Board! sign is a great choice for parents that want to advertise they have a precious little man on board.  The sharp looking blue looks great and stands out from a distance so cars can see it from far away.  

Safety 1st Baby on Board Sign

The pink Baby on Board! sign from Safety 1st is perfect for parents of little girls that want to tell the world about it.  The pink color stands out so it can be seen by other vehicles and alert them that you have precious cargo on board. 

Zone Tech Baby on Board Sign Magnet

The Magnetic Baby on Board sign from Zone Tech is a great option for parents with back windows that aren't suitable for suction or they don't want to obstruct their vision.  You simply place this on the back vertical portion of your vehicle.

We think that baby car safety signs are a great idea because they remind other drivers to be a bit more courteous.  If it helps only once, then the sign is worth it and did it's job of informing other drivers.  

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